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Harold's Hamburgers & Internet WiFi Café

Harold's Hamburgers Snack Bar and Internet WiFi Café in Verbier, Switzerland, in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Situated in the centre of the resort on Verbier's Central Square, Harold's Hamburgers and Internet WiFi Café is easily accessed.

Our business is defined by quality and not quantity. Our food is cooked to order, unlike fast-food chains. Our grilled hamburgers are 100% home made and a full quarter-pound of pure beef. Our reputation for excellence for our hamburgers, along with our special home-made cocktail sauce, is international.

The Internet WiFi Café consists of 3 fixed machines, backed up by laptops using Wi-Fi technology, offering a total service to the business person who needs to stay in touch with work. With 2 separate networks from 2 different providers at 20Mbs, we have by far the fastest and most reliable connections in town. Private laptops can connect using the high speed 802.11n or even directly with Ethernet if required.

For those fans of sport who do not wish to miss an important match, Harold's Hamburgers and Internet Cyber Café, Verbier, has a satellite television reception facility with a big screen for major fixtures as well as a separate Pay-Per-View connection so that two separate matched can be viewed simultaneously.

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To find out more about our offers, we invite you to use the links in the menu above. If you are using an older browser some of the quicker navigational functions may not be available. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we assure you that you will miss nothing!

We trust that you will enjoy visiting our site and we hope to see you soon in Verbier.

Alan Woolman
General Manager
Harold's Hamburgers and Internet Cyber Café

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