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Harold's Internet Cyber Café is situated in the heart of Verbier on the south side of the Central Square (on the right as you look up the mountain) in the same block as the Pharmacie Internationale and the Cinema.

iMac for Internet Cyber Café

Available for use are 3 fixed machines and 3 laptops using our high speed WiFi (802.11n wireless network).

With 2 separate networks and 2 separate providers at 20 mb/s, Harold's not only has the fastest connection in town, but also guarantees Internet access if one of the two providers goes down. Clients requiring a super fast connection will be satisfied, and can even connect directly to the network through Ethernet rather than WiFi with their laptop, which is especially useful for users of Skype.

Harold's Internet Cyber Café is not just for surfing and sending/reading ones's e-mail, but has a complete offer for the business person wanting to keep up with their office and do some work while on holiday or attending a seminar. We therefore have Microsoft Office available with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, Adobe Reader, and an assortment of graphic programs.

Clients also have the possibility of downloading files, saving them to USB keys, or even burning them to CD-Rs or DVDs. Colour printing is also available, and we offer a scanning and photocopying service as well as a fax machine. Clients can also choose between the latest versions of Netscape, Safari, and Firefox. On request, you can even get your own free harolds.ch email address!

iBook for Internet Cyber Café

For those who may be worried that we use Apple Macs rather than Windows PCs, have no fear. We have only very rarely been unable to open a file due to software, but in those cases it is very doubtful that we would have had the software (eg an accounting program) available on a PC either. It is understandable that we do not allow clients to install software on our machines.

Clients can either pay per session or become members. There is no set-up fee to become a member, but we require that an initial non-refundable deposit of frs 20 is paid onto the account. Usage price is more than 30% cheaper. Members have the advantage of having their own log-in to the computers without requiring intervention on behalf of the staff.

Payment can be made in most currencies or by credit card (Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, American Express, and Diners), so if you have just arrived and do not yet have Swiss Francs, you can surf anyway.

If you are worried about not being able to speak French, don’t. All our staff speak English.


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